Gameplay FAQs: Prison Architect


I’m getting a ‘no room found’ error when I try to start a Foundation Education Program.

The problem isn't the room specifically, it's that not enough time has been allocated. You need to allocate three consecutive hours of work time in the Regime menu, as the game will recognise that the room exists, but not enough time has been allocated for it to run classes.

How do I remove tunnels?

In order to remove tunnels go into the Demolition menu where there is an option to Remove Tunnels. Drag the cursor across the tunnel area, and the job will be queued up for the next available worker to fill in.


Why are my prisoners in handcuffs in their cells?

If prisoners are remaining in handcuffs when they're in their cell, it means that the prison in not secure. Either there is an opening somewhere in the perimeter, or an unsecured door that prisoners can use. As soon as the prison is completely secure, the inmates will leave lock-down and move about normally.


Prisoners are wandering the prison and not going to cells.

This normally means that you have a prisoner awaiting solitary punishment, but no solitary cell available to house them, or there are no available cells of their security level.


Solitary cells are showing as not enclosed.

If you have a solitary cell, and your 'door' space contains a the room type tile, that will stop it from being an enclosed space. This is because technically the cell space isn't completely surrounded by a secure barrier.

If this is indeed the problem you're facing, all you need to do is clear the room tile from the door space. Toggle the door to Lock Open (to save you from having to rebuild the door), remove the room tile from the door space, and then toggle the door back to normal.


Why does my object selection keep changing when I pass over walls?

The reason that this is happening, is that you have the Objects menu filtered by room type, so every time you leave the room area with your cursor, you’re changing the filter. To change the filter (I’d recommend A-Z), just hit the X/Square button in the object menu to cycle between filter types.


Trucks not moving

The most common issue with trucks is that they don’t have enough space to unload their deliveries. Check that you have Delivery spaces next to the road and the area isn’t full, and plenty of workers to move the deliveries to a Storage space.


Should I have the DLC?

We've put together a short guide post, with advice on how to get your DLC if it wasn't given to you with your pre-order. Sold Out, who handled our physical distribution are already prepared for contact, so just follow the advice here:


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    Cannot make a patrol route. Need more info.

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    I found a glitch in xbox where when you get arrested and you get taken to the medical area then if you keep pressing rb the police officers can't take you to your jail cell and you can walk out


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    Здравствуйте! Подскажи пожалуйста что происходит с оружейной комнатой на xbox 360 я её строю мне пишет что замкнутое пространство со стенами и дверями я уже как только не строил не получается исправьте пожалуйста или подскажите что я делаю не так? И в duble id не заходит???

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    I have the Xbox One edition of Prison Architect. It was working for a good strong minute, but I keep experiencing a complete crash by day 28 at random times. Saving, autosave, Day 28, etc all causes the game to completely crash and make it unplayable. I have uninstalled, deleted saves, uninstalled DLC's, and reinstalled base game just to experience the same crash. The crash started after the recent update. Please help?

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    My game keeps crashing. It didn’t for a while, but now I can’t play because it keeps happening!

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    listen im sure you blokes are quite busy but i thought id let you know that my game keeps crashing on my Xbox one if you could help me out that would be much appreciated

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    Hello, I have a problem with a save. I cannot find my prison. I don’t know if I deleted it or if it is a problem. Can anyone help me to download my prison please ? I am on PlayStation 4 and I have an account on Double Eleven.
    Thank you for reading, sincerely.

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    My Rust beta code didn’t get sent to me and I sign up last month

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