Guide: Where to start?

Congratulations! You have just bought Prison Architect console edition, which means you’ve obviously got very good taste in games. But now you’ve got the disc in hand/the download started, where do you begin? Don’t worry your pretty little face, fresh meat. We’ve got you covered.


Install the game

I mean, it’s a good start, right? Make sure you’re online in case of any updates!


Connect that Double ID

DoubleIDs are great because they get you access to stuff, and who doesn’t like stuff? In Prison Architect, your Double ID unlocks two big features. Firstly, every player who connects a Double ID gets two free Wardens (oooohhh). Secondly, it lets you access and use the World Of Wardens feature, where you can upload, download and rate prisons which have been made by other console players. It’ll also let you log into our support pages where you can track support tickets.


Complete the Prison Stories

Because simulation games can have a very tough learning curve, we went to extra effort to provide you with five excellent narrative tutorial levels. They’ll help you learn the basic controls, and throw you into the moral quandary of running your own prison facility. You’ll learn how to do lots of new things, while also facing challenging play and tough decisions. Here’s a tip for for the G.A.B.O.S level: you need to totally clear min, medium and max in that order! (That’ll make sense after you rage-quit the first time).


Join the Forum

The Double Eleven forum is a great resource. Here you can connect with other player, or even communicate directly with Double Eleven. Can’t figure out how to meet certain game requirements? Just ask on the forum, and someone will be by to help you out in a jiffy.


Build Your Own Prison (or run someone else’s)

So you’ve graduated Story school and you’re ready to head off on your own. Either choose a blank slate in Prison Architect, or take over an existing facility in Prison Warden mode. If you want an easy game, go with unlimited funds and turn off lose conditions. If you want something super hardcore, restrict your funds and turn on Fog Of War and Gangs. I would NOT recommend this option for first timers, unless you’re really into seeing what happens when the world burns.


Mo Money, Less Problems

Here’s a free tip for you: make sure to research your accountant early on and apply for lots of grants! Grants give you oft-needed cash injections. Want to start a drug program? Well there’s a grant to help with that! And who doesn’t love (practically) free money?


Share your Stuff

Oh hey, you made an awesome prison in the shape of a massive bunny rabbit? If only you could share that with other players.. OH WAIT, YOU CAN! Using that aforementioned World Of Wardens, you can upload your creations, ready to be downloaded across the globe. Make an interesting prison and then sit back and relax as your friends inevitably run it into the ground.


Stay Connected

If there’s news you wanna know about it, right? Make sure to follow Double Eleven on Twitter or Like us on Facebook to make sure you’re in the loop. And don’t forget the forum, which is a great community resource.


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    Linking doesn't work...

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    If u guys have done it it didn't work because I can't link my double 11 account either

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    How can I get a rust beta code

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    How can I get beta code?

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    How long does it take to get a request response? It’s been 9 days.

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    E comprado la versión rust deluxe y no e recibido nada para la beta es lamentable 😭

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    hello I pre-ordered the game but I have no access to the beta. how can I access it? thank you

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